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英九先生前天正式將要跟中國簽的協議定調為「兩岸經濟合作架構協議」(Economic Cooperation Framework Agreement,ECFA),並引述中經院的報告說:如果不簽ECFA台灣會有11萬人失業。言下之意似乎是台灣與中國經濟開放,可以拯救台灣的經濟。啟銘也說「ECFA會擱發」。從總統大選時,英九便不斷宣稱與中國開放可以拯救台灣經濟,可是從520至今,一連串的開放政策似乎並未未達到英九和兆玄宣稱的效果,從經濟學人CNN紐約時報都爭相報導台灣經濟遭受這波金融海嘯衝擊為世界第一,便可知。問題究竟出在哪裡呢? (繼續閱讀…)

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馬政府上任至今唯二對社會的貢獻:1.證明笨蛋病會傳染,2.證明什麼屁股決定什麼腦袋。 (繼續閱讀…)

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NeoCon on Taiwan’s election

Written by John R. Bolton a former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations.

Bolton on Ma’s victory

Ma’s strong support for closer economic ties with China reflects the widely held expectation that such ties will improve Taiwan’s economic position. Moreover, in pursuit of those ties, he will downplay Taiwan’s political challenge to China, not because, as many Europeans and Americans mistakenly believe, he ultimately seeks to lay the basis for reunification, but because he believes that enhancing Taiwan’s economic strength will lead to increased political strength for whatever negotiations come later with China. That is entirely sensible. An economically weaker Taiwan is hardly well-positioned to stand up to the rapidly growing Chinese economy.

On recognizing Taiwan as a sovereign state,

Recognition would bring stability and certainty, thus actually lowering the risks that Beijing will misinterpret the U.S. position and threaten or actually commence military action to regain Taiwan. Extending diplomatic recognition would no more prejudice the U.S.’ “one China" policy (itself an exercise in confusion and ambiguity) or the ultimate issue of reunification than did U.S. recognition of the two Germanys during the Cold War.

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I met a couple of politically opinionated people tonight and had intense political discussions. During our conversation about how Taiwanese culture were susceptible to patriarchialism, i made an interesting pitch. I asked, is Taiwanese desire to be recognized by the United Nations a manifestation of Taiwan’s patriarchal trait?

In Taiwan, family with father at its center is perhaps the strongest social institution. parents invest heavily in their children in return for obedience. Political, people respect authority (police, teachers and government) and looks to the government to solve their problems. Is Taiwan’s desperate desire to be accepted as a member of the United Nations an extension of that culture trait? Are the Taiwanese trying to be an accepted child to the international father figure? (繼續閱讀…)

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