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英九先生前天正式將要跟中國簽的協議定調為「兩岸經濟合作架構協議」(Economic Cooperation Framework Agreement,ECFA),並引述中經院的報告說:如果不簽ECFA台灣會有11萬人失業。言下之意似乎是台灣與中國經濟開放,可以拯救台灣的經濟。啟銘也說「ECFA會擱發」。從總統大選時,英九便不斷宣稱與中國開放可以拯救台灣經濟,可是從520至今,一連串的開放政策似乎並未未達到英九和兆玄宣稱的效果,從經濟學人CNN紐約時報都爭相報導台灣經濟遭受這波金融海嘯衝擊為世界第一,便可知。問題究竟出在哪裡呢? (繼續閱讀…)


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You may feel like saying, “Hey, you libertarians want to legalize everything!!" Unfortunately, that is the case. We try to counter-argue every unnecessary restriction and look forward to a world with the least government intervention.

This post comes from a brief discussion with neouto. We try to reinvent the wheels by restating arguments that you can easily find in Wiki. (繼續閱讀…)

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既然談到捐款人的心態有二(參考:關於慈善行為的小想法),一個在乎災民的捐款人在選擇慈善團體的時候,也會特別謹慎,因為他在乎的是他捐的錢真正能夠幫助災民多少,他會關心慈善團體用錢的效率,就像選擇基金時,我們會選擇獲利率高而費用率低的基金,選擇慈善團體的時候應該也是這樣! (繼續閱讀…)

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After reading

What power looks like:
They ride on Gulfstreams, set the global agenda, and manage the credit crunch in their spare time. They have more in common with each other than their countrymen. Meet the Superclass.

A part of the story in this article is about the American Treasury Secretary and Fed bank’s chairperson convening with the worlds 14 most powerful financial institutions (representing 95% of worlds market activity) to discuss ways to collectively avoid the potential financial crisis, and what regimes and rules need to be in place to avoid free riders. The role the state (as represented by Treasury Secretary and Fed bank) is playing is pretty much unprecedented and the tools informal (nothing in writing).

Reading this article reminds me of the govt-buss relationship of the Japanese Developmental State, and the triangular relationship between govt-buss-academia in business clusters like the one in Ireland, silicon valley and many other states sponsor hi-tech industrial parks. (繼續閱讀…)

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Digitization of our society is apparently an unstoppable and speeding trend, From Hotmail, Google library, to recreating an entire university inside a computer by Microsoft’s’ WorldWide Telescope. Digitization are driven by different technology “engines". I am using the terminology “engines" because some technology has so much potential for spin-off applications that it should be view as an engine of digitization. Personal computer was the first major engine that let us digitize our information. Internet was the second major engine that revolutionized information distribution. I believe that next engine of digitization is (for the lack of knowledge of a better term) Digital Video Analysis (DVA) and image analysis, which are also the subject and inspiration of this post. In this post i will attempt to present these following thoughts:

1. What are some of the potential application of DVA
2. What kind of innovation strategy is best able to generate vast amount of product ideas.
3. What kind of business strategy is best able to commercialize these ideas. (繼續閱讀…)

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