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正好最近幫妹妹複習大二個體,就用簡單的兩期模型,討論消費券與現金究竟有什麼不同。 (繼續閱讀…)

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看到最近沸沸揚揚的消費券議題, 從之前就想要寫些什麼討論一下這個公共政策, 但無論是在意識型態咖啡, 異鄉人或是 Evil Capitalist Heroes 都有淺白但是深刻的討論, 如果再多寫什麼, 都有班門弄斧的嫌疑, 只是手癢的時候還是停不住, 由於消費券政策的『勢在必行』, 不妨來討論一下, 怎麼樣衡量消費券的效果。 (繼續閱讀…)

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Although our government is too arrogant to respond to the students on the Freedom Square, their actions seem to raise some international concerns.


Freedom House Calls for Inquiry into Taiwan Clashes

November 20, 2008


Freedom House urges Taiwan’s government to create an independent commission to thoroughly investigate clashes between police and activists protesting Chinese envoy Chen Yunlin’s historic visit and recommend needed reforms.


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看最近的新聞莫名地想起一則小故事,出處應該是「生命中的經濟遊戲」,內容大概是這樣的: (繼續閱讀…)

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********************** (繼續閱讀…)

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下午趁著工作的空檔,和同事一同去中山南路散步,這是在台大法學院附近住了幾年的習慣,每當有抗議遊行的時候,都要去湊熱鬧。 (繼續閱讀…)

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My excessively enthusiastic and immature conjectures that the democracy of Taiwan has been mature enough to withstand the power concentrated on KMT are proved totally incorrect. President Ma has been in office only for less than 180 days.  The conducts of his party have raised worldwide concerns about Taiwan’s media freedom and the justice system: (繼續閱讀…)

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